Thursday, October 23, 2008

10 Month Maison

Maison, Maison, our little man. Everyone who knows you, and anyone who sees you, falls in love with your cuteness.

At 10 months old, you have the best smile we've ever seen (only your sister's is equal), and we are very lucky to get to see your smile often. You are very, very easy to smile, but you are just as easy to cry and fuss, and will move from one emotion to the other and back again without skipping a beat.

Your hair is growing and is long enough now that you wake up with mussed hair. It's too long to stick it up in the funny mohawk we loved so much, so I now push it all forward. Daddy says it looks "dorky" that way, so he still tries to spike it when he gives you your bath. The result is some pretty crazy hair.

You LOVE your sister and everything she does. And sometimes you get lucky and she comes within 5 feet of you, without trying to take whatever you're playing with out of your hands. When you're not lucky, and Mommy isn't looking, she grabs whatever you have, roars in your face, and possibly bonks you on your head.

Crawling has lessened your frustration, and has lessened your fussing by quite a bit. I love it when you "run" to me when you see me. When you get to my feet, you lift one arm to say pick me up. If I don't pick you up quick enough, you lose your balance and fall. you started pulling up and cruising the furniture nearly as soon as you learned to crawl. You will be walking before we know it.

It's been a while since you gagged to the point of puking on a single Cheerio. Which is a good development, since the past few days it seems that you are preferring non-pureed food to the completely mushed up stuff. You do good with cereal, small pieces of cheese, bananas, crackers (although there have been a few gags), sweet potatoes, and bread. You tried to swallow half of a teether biscuit the other day, so I have removed those from your menu for the time being. Tonight daddy noticed you intentionally throwing all of your Cheerios on the floor, (small) handful after handful. I thought I noticed you do it the other day, so now it has been confirmed.

You love to eat paper and you seek it out and find it and eat it whenever possible. You also like to chew on our tables and your crib rail, and lately my shoulder.

Our sleeping situation has spiraled down out of control since I last wrote about it. After our San Diego trip and cutting two teeth we have yet to get our groove back. I have been trying to sleep train you with as little crying as possible, and I thought we had compromised by you going to sleep while I stood at your crib. But, last night you pushed me to the point of very tired tears, with a 12:00am, 2 1/2 hour hold-fest. So, unfortunately, tonight I had to put my foot down. You cried very hard for 27 minutes. Then you went to sleep all by yourself. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

You are still a momma's boy and cling to me often. I don't mind it at all, but it does lead to you crawling after me and fussing when I can't hold you. And then fussing harder when you finally get to me and I turn around and walk the other way.

You give great hugs. Especially when I get you up from bed. You grab tightly around my neck and put your chin or your forehead to my shoulder.

You are much loved, little man.


lesleysmeshly said...

First, great photos! That first one of Mason is beautiful. Second, he is so cute!!! And getting so big. I can't wait to see you guys this weekend. Third, don't beat yourself up over the sleep training. It is SO hard to listed to a crying baby, but once it is over you will all be much happier, and better rested.

Angela said...

10 months already? One is just around the corner.
That first pic is beautiful. He is such a handsome little boy!
Very sweet letter Jessica.

Millisa said...

such a beautiful post jessica. and such a sweet little man!