Thursday, September 25, 2008

Little Things

Today I pulled all of the patio toys into the grass to give them a hose down. It seems that the spiders in the neighborhood thought we had moved out completely while on vacation and they decided to make our patio their family compound (anyone have any suggestions for keeping spiders/webs off patio toys and furniture??)

It's funny how little changes with Madeline's toys catch her attention. Just having her house in the grass got her to play in it all morning. She even had her lunch in it. Well, she was served and then refused to eat most of her lunch in it.

Maison just keeps getting cuter and cuter. Last night he was super tired at bedtime. He had a short car-nap for his morning nap so we could have a play/picnic date with Jenn and her kids at Town Square. And took a shorter than usual afternoon nap (he's having a tough time with one of his teethies). So was super pooped at bedtime. By the time I finished giving him his bottle, he was out, with all limbs completely limp. But, he was just awake enough to open his mouth super wide and sit like that until I realized he was waiting for me to put his binki in it. I was cracking up. Already spoiled!

Today I was feeding him with one of Madeline's bigger platic spoons that had some little pictures on the handle. His eyes went crossed with every bite as he tried to look at the pictures on the spoon handle. Silly boy.

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