Thursday, September 18, 2008

So Now I'm 30

I'll never be 20 something again. I think I'm supposed to care, but I don't. I love my life and my family. I already have wrinkles and grey hair.

It was a really great day. Madeline and my mom made me a yummy cake decorated with m&m's, strawberries and whipped cream (or is it whip cream?).

Madeline joked all day by saying it was daddy's or grandma's birthday whenever I asked her who's birthday it was. And she survived the torchure of waiting all day until she could have a piece of the cake.

We had a great dinner at The Firehouse out on the patio. The kids were really good, we're usually lucky like that at restaurants.

I played a record breaking (my record, anyways) game of Yahtzee with 2 Yahtzees and kicked Thor's butt, which very rarely happens.

My parents got me a Le Creuset pot that I've wanted forever and Thor gave me the purse I wanted and tickets to go zip-lining in Boulder City which was a huge surprise and so, so awesome. My grandparents gave me a gift card to Town Square so I get to go do some shopping.
It was wonderful.

Now I'm on to my next ten years. Plans? Hmmm, maybe grown up kids and working again? Finally finishing school? Possibly a house move. It's going to be a good ten.


Angela said...

Glad you had such a great birthday. Zip lining???? He** no! I'm a boobie.
Again, Happy Birthday old lady.=)

Millisa said...

happy birthday girl!! was it yesterday or today?? i am guessing it was yesterday... so glad it was such a good one! i was so terrified of turning 30 and it turns out it is actually awesome...i feel like i know who i am more than ever :) happy bday!!