Friday, September 5, 2008

Seriously, where could they have gone??

Freaking out here.

I use PS Elements to "organize" my pictures and I highlighted a bunch and tried to drag them to a different folder, I got an error message about not enough space or something (which didn't make sense), and now they are GONE. I have looked everywhere. They can't just disappear, right? They have to be here somewhere. They're not in the recycle bin. I don't even know how many. more than 100, I'm sure. Maybe 400? I don't know, but really, they have to be here somewhere, right??????????

I'll cry if they're gone...


lesleysmeshly said...

You can try this:
Find the folder you were moving the files from - open the folder in windows, hit ctrl+f to open the find function, and check the 'Pictures, Music or Video' option, then check the Pictures checkbox, then click the 'Advanced Search Options', expand the 'More Advanced Options', check the 'Hidden folders...' option, and click search. That will show you all the pictures in the folder. You can also do that search on the entire C drive in case the pics were in some temp directory.

lesleysmeshly said...

That was from my computer geek husband..I hope it works! =( I tell you, my biggest fear is losing all 117 GB of pictures that I have. I have them on my computer and then backed up on two separate hard drives...I'm PARANOID! Good luck and I hope you find them.