Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today's Goals

1. See a dolphin jump.

2. Watch the tide go in and out.

3. Sit on the beach.

4. Collect sea shells with Madeline.

5. Play Mario Cart on Wii with Mom.

6. Eat Creme Brulee for lunch.

7. Watch the sunset from our balcony.

Ahhh, San Diego.

Double aahhhh, San Diego with free in-room wireless internet. How sad is that?


Angela said...

I am so so jealous! I forgot you were going to SD this month. Have some fun for me! When you get back I want to see you and the kiddies.
BTW-Happy early birthday. How does it feel to be err...how old are you again? This is a milestone birthday, that's for sure! However, I won't be a number dropper.

lesleysmeshly said...

JEALOUS! Have a great trip!! And I guess after reading Ang's comment it is also your birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Millisa said...

what a terrible list of things to get done...poor you... ;) have a great vacay!!

Kristy said...

HAPPY HAPPY day to you:)