Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I seriously lost sleep over this and have not been able to think about anything else. I lost almost 300 pictures and any other month it would be sad, but really it'd just have been lots of pics of Madeline running around partially dressed in the backyard. Even then I would have been heartbroken. But August actually had events- Mom's 50th birthday, Max's 8th birthday, Maison's first mohawk, our new swing set, and lots of nice pictures taken up at Mt. Charleston while my parents were rv parked up there for a few weeks.

What I think happened was I had to use the windows downloader to get the pics onto my computer and the pics came from 2 different memory cards. The downloader gave the 2 sets of pics the same names. So when I dragged them all into the same folder, the newer files wrote over the older files without asking or any warning to me (which is weird, since my computer makes me double verify nearly everything I do).

Lesley, please thank your awesome computer geek husband for me. I wasn't able to get my find function to work the way I wanted it to, but while I was looking for a different way to see any hidden files in empty folders that used to house my files, I found this absolutely wonderful little tab that was called, get this, PREVIOUS VERSIONS. I nearly fainted. Holy freakin crap, no way. And inside, the tab looked like this:

Hmmm, it asked, would I like to restore the file to it's condition as of yesterday morning, to before I decided to get all organized? Sure, I suppose I probably do.

And just like that, it was all fixed.

My new mantra- "back up, back up, back up, back up"

I heart Windows Vista.


Angela said...

Yay! Jeff's always my go to guy also. I am so not computer savy and losing pics is also my biggest fear. For so long I would not delete my memory cards, I would just keep buying more. Now, even though I back up all my pics, I still cringe everytime I delete my card. So happy you found them!!!

lesleysmeshly said...

YAY! I am SO SO relieved you found them! I'll give Jeff a big smooch for you. =)