Friday, September 5, 2008

Eight Month Maison

Well, Eight months, two weeks, and three days Maison.

- 18.5 pounds
- Nearly out of his 6-9 month clothes
- About this tall:

- Fuzzy light brown hair
- Size 3 diaper, 4 for nighttime
- All done with nursing
- A little soon to tell, but possibly sleeping through the night consistently
- Has only his 2 bottom teeth so far

- Can eat a Rice Crispy without gagging and throwing up
- Can almost eat a Cheerio without gagging and throwing up
- Goes from belly to sitting up on his own
- Turns and scootches around on his butt
- Often falls asleep in his crib, on his own, without too much fuss
- Sits well in a restaurant highchair (but likes to suck on the table, yuck)

Finds Hilarious:
- Anything his sister does
- Being bonked on the head with a balloon
- Mommy kissing his belly all over

- Mostly Mommy, but anyone with boobs will usually do
- Bananas
- Drinking water out of a cup and letting it all dribble out of his mouth
- Banging things
- Standing up
- Puting things in his mouth
- Being carried around
- Yo Gabba Gabba
- His swingset

- Having his face wiped
- People walking away from him
- Green Vegetables
- Having things taken out of his hands
- Waiting patiently
- Yo Gabba Gabba... Oh wait, that's me...

Finds Interesting:
- The cats
- Taking Legos out of their bucket
- People on TV who talk to him

Not Quite There Yet:
- Crawling
- Sitting up in a grocery cart
- Drinking from his sippy cup
- Eating a Cheerio without gagging and throwing up all over himself

I wish I could rock him while he sleeps more often, but whenever I do, he wakes up soon after I put him down, and gets pissed that I'm gone. He rarely sits still, always moving and touching. I kiss his hand when I rock him for bed to stop him from grabbing and twisting/ clawing at my face.

(hanging out in the Moby Wrap- camera was upside down, not the baby)

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