Sunday, August 17, 2008

We'll All Be Happier When He Can Crawl

I'm sure I'll look back on that sentence in a couple of months and wonder what I could have been thinking, but I'm going with it anyways.

My twisty, turny, squirmy little boy wants to move so so badly, but can so far only scootch backwards. He has absolutely no desire to roll to where he wants to go, which would be the easiest solution to his horrible problem for right now. For now, he tries to get something in front of him and keeps getting further and further away from it, which is understandably very frustrating for him.

Here's Frustrated Maison-

Here's more Frustrated Maison, just because it's so cute. I could do a whole post on Frustrated Maison, but I won't.

Here he is trying to get to Madeline (sans clothes, of course) and the legos. He started out sitting right next to her.

When neither of us can take any longer, I stick him in the Moby wrap, which he loves. It gives me an hour or so of extra hands free time. Although I spend half of it in front of the mirror playing with him because he's such a ham when he's in it.

Can't leave out Mini-me.

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