Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Little Stuff

This is just some random little stuff from the last few weeks.

- If you ask Madeline what her name is she'll tell you it's Sister. If I ask her if she's my big girl, she'll say "No, Sister." If I ask her if she's my sweet baby girl, she'll say "No, Sister." The name thing still confuses her. She decided, after thinking for a little bit, to name her new stuffed puppy Puppy.

- Maison weighs about 18.5 lbs and he's growing fast. He prefers baby food to liquid nourishment, but he's a picky eater. He won't eat it if he doesn't like it, but if he does like it he can chow down two stage 2 jars very easily.

- Maison sneezed with a full bite of food in his mouth. I was too surprised to duck. Yuck.

- Madeline has wanted to take body parts off a few times. The first was her head. She asked me to take it off and when I wouldn't she took her hands and pushed up on her chin, getting irritated that it wouldn't come off. Another time she stubbed her toe and wanted to take her foot off. She pulled and pulled. Just the other day she wanted to take her hand off and another time wanted to take my head off. It's so hard not to laugh.

- A song was playing at PF Changs, and Madeline kept looking around saying Lion?, Lion?, Lion? We couldn't figure out what she was talking about until Thor realized it was a song from a movie she likes called The Wild that's about a lion. Her memory is amazing- it's way better than mine already (I know, not saying much...).

- I've begun mini sleep training and it has already made a world of difference in Maison's sleep habits. If he's crying hard, I won't let him go for more than 5 minutes, but if he's just complaining, I'll let him go until he's asleep or crying.

- I figured out the peeing out of the diaper problem. Point the weenie down (thanks guys!) and tighten the diaper a bit (otherwise it just comes out the back). Now I have to try to lessen his fluid intake at night because he overflows his diapers and they're Overnights, the size bigger than he should wear. 1am diaper/ PJ changes are very annoying for both of us.

- If Madeline needs help with something, she says "Mom, help. Hands are too little!"

I'm running out of postable pictures of Madeline, hard to believe, I know. I have lots, she just never has any clothes on. Thank goodness it's summertime.

Cute messy faced babes...

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