Sunday, August 10, 2008

Home Alone

Thor went to visit his parents in Colorado this weekend, so I've been home alone with the kids. Before kids, I'd have had great plans to eat Milk Duds and watch a movie and just have a terrific night alone. I tried to do the same thing this Friday night, but of course it's just not quite the same. Madeline stayed the night at my mom's, which was awesome, but Maison was sleeping on the way back from taking her there, so I couldn't stop for my Milk Duds. Dang. But at least he saved his 6 normal 'put-my-binki-back-in-my-mouth-woman!' and 'hey-where's-my-boobie-woman!' wakings for before and near the end of the show.

I'm very behind in my movie watching, I don't think I've been to a theater since before Madeline was born. And, I'm a horrible movie watcher. I can never follow the story. I either fall asleep or try to multi-task or can't understand the accent. Thor's used to answering a million questions and I don't think he even notices how annoying it is anymore. When I watch alone, I turn on the closed captions so I don't miss anything.

I decided to rent Atonement because it looked dramatic and pretty. And it was really beautiful, until it made me bawl my eyes out and then I was just pissed off. A-holes. Why couldn't it just have a happy ending? Is that too much to ask? I guess they weren't thinking about my tired/moody/emotional self when they made it. Go figure.

Today Madeline asked if Daddy was still on a helicopter. I had told her he left on an airplane. She gets the two confused. She's such a good girl.

What else have I done since Thor's been gone? Hmmmm.... Dishes, exciting. Made a pumpkin pie. Laundry, don't be jealous. Didn't take my jammies off for a full day. Screwed around on this damn broken computer, like always. Oooh, bought a DVD player with my Amazon points so we don't have to use Thor's noisy playstation anymore. Fixed a light switch. Fed people. Cleaned out the spice drawer. Showered, thank goodness. Bathed children. Joined the Children's Book of the Month club. Let Maison cry in bed a little bit, trying to get the guts to sleeptrain the little dude. Thor's going to be sorry he missed all of the excitement. :)

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Millisa said...

thor totally missed out :) nice job being so handy too jess...i am impressed ;) hope you enjoyed the little bit of quiet girl time you got