Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hangin' with the Boys

My tough, rough, big boy nephews are so great with Madeline and she just LOVES them to death. Yesterday they were over and they started playing "Drag Race" in the backyard. It always amazes me that kids don't seem to notice when it's 180 degrees outside. I'm just thankful we have windows so I can supervise from inside the house.

I did go out to take pictures (of course). I love taking pictures of the kids when they are running and playing. I get so many great smiles and they don't even notice I'm there (except when they'd nearly run me over). I think I get my best pictures of Madeline when I run around with her with my camera at hip level and just aim, hoping it focuses.

The game ended up being more like bumper cars (or bumper tricycle and bubble mower) than drag race, but I think most games do when boys play.

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