Sunday, April 6, 2008

Too much fresh air...

It's too bad the nicest weather equals allergy season. Since our hike (well, walk) yesterday, I've felt like poop. Runny nose and all congested. We spent a lazy Sunday in the house. Even Madeline had a fairly calm (if you can call it that) day in her jammies recouperating from her missed naps the 2 days before.

Here's a sight I don't ever want to forget-

As soon as she started to walk, she started to run away from me everytime I needed to do anything with her- diaper change, hair combed, pants on, whatever. We're finally starting to get over that, but running out of the bathroom after her bath, bucknaked, still remains strong. She thinks it's hilarious and loves the cold (crazy girl).

I really need to video tape it, the picture just doesn't capture the scream-laughing and feet slapping.

And so my baldies aren't forgotten today-

I love you!!

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Angela said...

Yippee! I'm so happy to keep up with the Stewart family. What sweet sweet babies. I love the pic of Madeline running down the hallway in her nothings!
Beautiful babies...