Saturday, April 19, 2008

4 Month Maison

Wow, 4 months already. Time flies with two kids. It just didn't seem to go this fast with Madeline.

I had to get his shots done. I put off his 2 month appointment, so he had to get them all this time. Poor little guy, he cried really hard. But I think it actually pained me more. It's a weird feeling to want to hurt the nurse.

He weighs 13 pounds and I can't remember his length (bad mommy). Doc said 25th percentile all the way around, so he's smaller than we thought. He seems so big, I guess because he was born so small.

The teethies are starting to come in. Lots of drool, finger chewing and chomping when nursing, which is just lovely for me (probably TMI for some people, sorry). He has started to grab and hold his toys and loves to chew on his blankets. I thought his blanket was just getting caught in his fingers, but after the 20th time I finally realized he was doing it on purpose.

We all love his cheesy smiles. He is a super easy smiler. Even if he's starving to DEATH (as babies get about 2 seconds after they realize they're hungry) he'll usually smile if you talk to him. He'll even smile as he's falling asleep if I smile down at him. Such a sweet face. We are definitely addicted to seeing his smiles and spend nearly his every waking minute coaxing them out.

He has also started to laugh and giggle. Those usually come by tickling, he's very ticklish, or by jiggling, which usually leads to a smile-puke. Such a wonderful sound (the giggle, not the puke), we just can't help it even if it does make him throw up. Sorry Maison!

I don't think he has sat still, except to sleep, since he was born. I can barely get his fingernails clipped because his hands are always moving (hence the ever present face scratches- not my fault!). He's never been easy to hold, always wanting to stand up in our laps or fling himself back if he's being held on our shoulder.

I'm loving his sleep schedule. Decent naps, plus 8-11 hours at night straight through. Can't beat that!

Mommy, Daddy & Sister love you baby boy. You don't get much page time here yet, but you'll be running around like your maniac sister, giving me lots to write about, before we know it.

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