Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Little Kite Runner

I bought two little $1 kites from Walmart a few days ago as a surprise treat for when we needed something to do. I forgot that Madeline has some strange kind of toy/cookie radar and detected them in the bag. Vegas is always windy. Except for the 3 days after I bought those kites. There has been absolutely NO wind at all. We even tried to go outside and run with them and there wasn't even enough of a breeze for that.

Today there was wind- yay! Madeline saw the branches of the trees moving and kept saying "Wind. Wind. Kite?" I wasn't even sure if she understood what we had been waiting for until then.

We didn't actually get the kite all the way up, but she didn't care. She ran around the backyard with it like crazy until we made her stop.

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