Sunday, April 13, 2008

Maison rolled over today!

Well, at least we think he might have. He was on his back on the couch and then he was on his front (thank goodness his feet were toward the back of the couch, head to the edge!). He may have just rolled from one cushion onto the other due to a slight slant, but we will see in the next couple of days if he can do it on the floor (where he'll be spending lots more time now that he might be rolling).

Today he's 3 months and 3 weeks old. I think he's too little to be rolling, but I can't remember when Madeline did it.

Ever since I took the naked butt picture of Madeline running from me after her bath, she asks to have her picture taken while she runs up the hallway. I don't remember how she communicated her want to me the last couple times, but today she said "pit-chure?" as we walked out of the bathroom. She had never said that word before so I didn't realize what she was saying- I thought she was asking if she could go out & see Thor in the living room (don't ask, sometimes my translation is a total guess). She ran (naked) to where I keep the camera, so I handed her her little toy that was sitting there and she said "No. Pit-cher?" and reached for my camera and pointed to the hallway. Then I finally understood.

I love it when she does something new, even though it seems like it happens almost every day. I am amazed at how her speech is developing. I love it when she tells stories of things that she has seen, or things that have happened. Usually it's just a string on one word sentences, like "Out-ide. Daddy. Balloon. High. ByeBye Balloon." (Thor was letting helium balloons float away in the backyard).

Here are her pit-chers. She thinks it's lots funnier to run straight toward the camera than to run away from it.

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Grandma Lisa said...

Yep, I could just eat her up! :-)