Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Play Day

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe Madeline's energy level lately. She is going a million miles a minute and I'm her only playmate. Poor girl, all she has is her tired old mommy. Maison, when are you going to take over??

Most days I spend my time trying to do whatever it is I need to get done while half playing with Madeline in an effort to get her to play by herself. I end up with a 2 year old "helping" with dishes, "helping" with laundry, "helping" rearrange furniture, "helping" hem pants (uhmmm, yeah, one leg ended up sewn closed). You get my point. I still don't get anything done. Today, I decided to try a different approach and just play with her all day long and jam at her naptime to do my thing. I knew it'd make her happier, I wanted to see if it made me happier.

So, we went for a walk, ran around the backyard, blew bubbles, flew the kite, rode the tricycle and played on the slide. We built a fort in the living room that was too small for mommy and spun in circles to music until we fell over. We raced each other around the house, played in the backyard again and rebuilt our fort for daddy. Whew.

Here's a fort fit for a two year old-

So, did it make me happier? Did my day go smoother than usual? I'd have to say my day just went differently. Madeline loved all the things we did and I wasn't stressed by her interuptions. But I have a hard time not being productive (even though you certainly can't tell I've been productive once Hurricane Madeline blows through). I don't think I got any less done than usual. I will definitely be giving her my undivided attention more often.


Angela said...

You are so good at posting! It makes me happy when I check your blog and see a new post every couple of days.
M is only 9 months old and although I love a clean house, I have learned that so much can wait..like the dishes and vacuuming (sp?). As Kristy always says, one day she is not going to want you to play with her. I bet you and Madeline had such a blast..I love the fort she made. Yes, in a year or so the two kiddies will entertain one other.
Keep the updates coming. BTW-your layout is looking good.

lesleysmeshly said...

I agree, there will always be time for chores and there will always be more chores...but one day our little crazies are going to be grown and not want to play with us. I play with the crazies all day and run around durning nap like a chicken with my head cut off. They do have play time alone/together while I do chores, cook, etc...but at this age it is not long before they want me or get into a fight. Ahhhh, the Mommy balance is so hard to find.