Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Scottish Festival

Do you know where your Scottsman is? Here's ours-

That's family heritage for you- hahaha!

We went out to the Scottish Festival at Tule Springs the Sunday before last and spread a blanket out under a tree and relaxed, watching people and listening to music. The weather was perfect, we were lucky because Saturday was super windy and Sunday was supposed to be too. It was neat hearing the bagpipes play, I thought they'd be annoying, but it was surprisingly nice. We were really surprised to see how young the bagpipers were. Most looked like they were in high school or early college. I figured it'd be a bunch of old men in skirts, but it was a bunch of young men in skirts. Some women walking around had the Scottish look confused with the sexy schoolgirl look. I shouldn't tease- I'd sure like to be able to pull off sexy schoolgirl :).

They had a stage where cloggers were dancing to Lord of the Dance type music and Madeline just loved it. She was running around in circles and jumping all over to the music. When it was over she kept yelling "Again! Again!" at the stage, being her usual bossy little self. I think she's going to be our little dancer, she loves music so much.

It was hard to tell with all of the booths and people everywhere, but that park seemed like it would be a really neat place to toodle around for an afternoon. It had some old buildings with plaques I didn't get to read and the trees were all big and beautiful. It looked like there were trails to explore, too. I think we're going to have to go back to check it out better.

Maison had a good time too, after I stopped bouncing him around in the stroller and let him out to visit.

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Angela said...

I am laughing my arse off at that pic of your Dad..hilarious! Funny thing is we were considering going to the Scottish Festival but after attempting the crowds at the Logandale Fair the weekend prior, I said he!! no! Would have been funny if we say you there. See you next week.