Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Fall post, late

The kids had such a blast playing outside in our leaves. And we got our leaves raked up. Thanks Ian!

Ian decided to surprise Madeline and rake up a big pile of leaves for her to jump in. Thor helped out with the leaf blower. The kids didn't take into account that the ground was still under the big pile of leaves. Ian almost broke his butt, but Madeline didn't seem to notice at all.

Thor had been waiting for all of the leaves to fall off of our tree so he could do one last winter lawn mow and suck them all up with the mower. Usually Fall gets here and the leaves slowly fall off, but then after one blustery night, we wake up and all of the leaves are off of all of the trees in our neighborhood. Not this year- after lots of blustery nights and even snow, we STILL have leaves on our tree. And in our grass. And on our patio...

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