Monday, January 5, 2009


Tonight's dinnertime was pretty representative of most of our dinnertimes, except tonight we didn't have to fight Madeline to get in and stay in her chair. We've been better about sitting at the dinner table to eat and she must be getting used to it. Either that or she was really hungry.

First off, the soup I made was too spicy for her. So she ate her grapes and a piece of hawaiian bread while I made her a fancy microwave chicken quesadilla. After finishing her grapes, she said, "I want grapes. I want grapes. I want grapes." 400 times, while making this face...

After getting her fancy replacement dinner to her, she said it was too hot. When it was cool enough for her, she took a bite and insisted she was done. And then after every single other bite, she insisted she was done. And she demanded ice cream. And orange juice. Finally she was done enough to get down.

Then Maison dumped a cup of milk in my lap.

The End.

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lesleysmeshly said...

Great. And here I had hopes that things would get BETTER the older they got, not worse. Shenzie is a FANTASTIC eater, Heaten, eh....not really at eater at all. Good to know I'll have to keep forcing bites down his throat for a long more while. =)