Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday wanderings

1. Madeline got a 100% on Rockband, singing Whatcha Whatcha Whatcha Want. Now I don't feel as good about my 100%.

2. I went to Trader Joes to get something I could only get there and I picked up some mac and cheese for the kids in hopes that they'd like it and we could add it to the very short list of easy lunches they'll eat. It has more sodium than I like, but, oh well. Anyways, I bought a box of single serving packs for $2.50. When I was at Smiths on Monday, I checked their price for the same exact thing- $6 bucks! Unbelievable.

3. We did the carousel again this weekend. It's 2 bucks and she loves it. This time we were the only ones there.

4. The Disney Channel has brainwashed Madeline into KNOWING that she REALLY REALLY WANTS to go to Disneyland. We are hoping to go this Spring, but we can't even mention it around her unless we want to listen to her ask about it for days and days.

5. Here are a couple more horrible-parents-who-grab-a-camera-instead-of-getting-their-one-year-old-down climbing pics:

Try not to laugh at his outfit. I dress him once a day, after that he gets scrubs.

6. Maison had his first car wash experience today and he DID NOT like it. Poor little guy.

7. I think I have stayed away from Starbucks for almost 2 weeks. Well, at least one week. I'm not sure, but I'm doing lots better since their eggnog is gone.

8. We went to Dennys with my parents and the boys last night. Madeline ate chicken nuggets dipped in ranch dipped in applesauce.

9. Today I gave Madeline nuggets, ranch and an apple for lunch. When she was finished, this and one seed, was all that was left of her apple-

and she had used up all of her ranch eating the apple and needed more for her nuggets.

10. Lastly, a mean sister pic-


Angela said...

Looks like you have a climber! Oh how I can relate. I love the random posts. We need to get together soon.

Angela said...

BTW-I really like that ready, aim, click website you have linked.