Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday wanderings

I'm going to try a new thing. I won't promise that I'll keep it up though, I'm just not that reliable.

There are a couple of blogs that I like to read who do 10 on Tuesday posts, and I love that it's a place for them to log random happenings from the week. I'm one to completely copy someone else's good idea, so I'm going to start it here too. But, I'm going to do it on Wednesdays and not commit to any number of items.

Here we go-

1. My favorite facial feature this week: bubble bath beards

2. I'm loving Tuesday night TV- The new season of Biggest Loser, followed by the new season of Housewives of Orange County.

3. Thor (and a couple of other guys) took a few hours last week and got all of the leaves up from the backyard and trimmed the neighbors' trees that are invading one corner of our property. I can't get over the difference it made. I didn't even think it looked that messy before. Now, with the clean yard and the beautiful weather, we've been out there tons every day.

4. I sorted through my books again. I already don't keep any fiction that I've read, so I didn't have many of those, except the growing stack of ones I want to, but haven't read. Now I'm trying to think seriously about my non-fiction books since I don't ever open them- I use the internet instead if I want information about anything. It's strange how hard it is to get rid of books that I like.

5. I am trying to cut down on my computer time because it is eating away my 'me time'. There are just so many things i want to put here for rememberies sake, and so many interesting people to read about, and so much to learn, and so many pictures to make beautiful, that I end up stuck on here forever and it's taking the place of things I used to do, like read and watch movies, and shower regularly. :)

6. Two notable Madeline phrases from the week- 1. Yes Sir, Mommy! Yes, Sir! 2. Mommy, that f-ing (she didn't censor) car scared you? Mommy, daddy say f-ing too. OOPS!

7. We took the kids on the carousel at the District, which is very pretty. Madeline LOVED it. It was her first carousel ride. It was on Saturday evening and there was only 1 other family on it. I hope they don't shut it down. I only had my phone with me, so I used it's camera.

8. We've watched Horton Hears a Who so many times that Madeline knows a lot of the words and says them along with the characters. And she'll even quote them when it's not on.

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Angela said...

Love the wanderings.
Also happy to hear that I am not the only one who enjoys Real Housewives of OC. What a laugh that show is!