Monday, December 15, 2008

We're leaving

for a little trip tomorrow. We get to go on the Polar Express train in Arizona. I'm super excited and Madeline keeps talking about the train. She requested that it be blue, but I warned her that it'd probably be red or brown. But maybe blue. Did I say I'm super excited? I am. I love Christmas time.

Downside, though... there's a severe weather warning issued for where we're going, all throughout our travel day tomorrow. Lots and lots and lots of snow expected. Chains won't fit on Thor's Denali, so we're crossing our fingers that our trip won't get ruined. If no one hears from us by Wednesday, please come looking...

1 comment:

Millisa said...

oh my gosh i wanna do that trip so bad!! tell us all about it when you return :) be safe!