Monday, December 22, 2008

Polar Express

Our trip was great. The weather forecast for Williams, and the drive there, got worse and worse as our departure date drew closer, so we decided to leave as early as possible to beat the storms that were forecasted for the afternoon.

We left at 9:30 and didn't hit any bad weather until about 11 miles before our hotel. The worst driving conditions were in the hotel parking lot because it wasn't plowed.

We arrived at about 2:00. Checked in, dressed for the snow, and waited for our friends to arrive. Madeline and Thor went out and threw snow balls at me, while I stayed in and took pics through the window because I was afraid to get snow on my camera.

Then we decided to go get some food. We were warned about the buffet that was included with our package, but we did it anyways for times sake. It was edible, but we didn't go back for breakfast.

The train ride was at 6:30. We changed into our PJ's and headed out to the depot. It was snowing and freezing cold, but just a short walk away.

Maison really, really enjoyed the train ride. He kept staring out the window. He also loved playing over the seat with our friend's son. He's getting so big and really interacting with people these days. He nearly fell asleep by the end of the ride. It was past his 7:30 bedtime.

Madeline was enjoying herself too, but I think she was a little bit uneasy about what to expect. We worked her up pretty good about the North Pole and seeing Santa, and since this is really her first non-baby Christmas, she doesn't completely understand what everything means. Once she saw Santa and it was such a quick little visit and he gave her her gift, she felt better. She even sat on his lap for a picture when we got back to the depot. Although, she was a little bit perturbed that she told him she wanted a puppy (a stuffed animal) and he thought she said a Barbie.

The trip home was a doozy. We wanted to play in the snow for a bit, but decided to leave instead, due to bad weather forecasts. Thank goodness we did because it snowed ALL of the way home. Had we stayed for a bit longer, we would have been stuck in Boulder City because they closed the road into town not long after we went through.

I'm looking forward to doing the trip next year with Maison older and able to walk on his own, and hopefully with a little bit less snow so we can hang out and play more.

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