Saturday, December 20, 2008

Is that a snowman??

It is. In its own, deformed sort of way.

This was our inspiration. How'd we do?

We drove back from our Polar Express trip (which I'll post about next. I'm posting in the order of least importance- snow/snowman then Polar Express then Maison's 1st birthday. It just seems easier that way). Ok, we drove back from from our Polar Express trip, from up in the mountains of Arizona where it was all snowy and winterwonderlandy and somehow, as we got closer to home, the weather got snowier and snowier. By the time we were driving down the 95 right outside of Boulder City, we were in a blizzard (or what I'd imagine a very mild blizzard might be like). It was very strange. I felt like we were in a Christmas movie.

We got home to a white neighborhood and yard. It was so beautiful. If it could be like this for like a week out of the year, I'd be happy. By the time we got home it was getting late and the kids were tired and hungry, so we didn't have a chance to play. We played the next morning instead. Sophie's hoodie wasn't quite warm enough, so she ended up back in the house.

I had the grand idea to make a snowman. I had no idea how heavy wet snow was. I rolled a great big ball for the bottom, then a smaller one for the middle. I couldn't lift it at all, so I called on Thor and he couldn't lift it at all. So he broke it down and put it on and we packed snow on instead. We're not good snow packers, so we have a deformed snowman.

Our snowman is still standing pretty tall, 3 days later.

Madeline was much more interested in eating the snow than helping with the snowman. I just kept telling her to make sure there wasn't grass in it, but who knows what all she ate.

Yes, she is licking her boot.

Maison just cried from the patio because I couldn't lug his heavy butt around AND make a snowman. And the ground was cold, and the blanket wasn't helping, and he couldn't walk to where he wanted to be. And he probably wanted a cracker, or a drink of water, or something to chew on. Poor kid.

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Angela said...

Holy crap, it looks like a blizzard. Our measly (sp?) snow didn't compare to yours.
The photos of M licking her boot is priceless!
Hope Sophie's okay.