Saturday, October 3, 2009

Between 3 and 4

- She still calls the park the "parking lot".
- She calls her toy seal, a "ceiling".
- She still calls daddy, "da-yee".
- She can open the car door and buckle herself into her carseat.
- She can swing herself on the swingset and likes to push Maison too.
- She likes to make her own breakfast- waffles (in the toaster), and yogurt.
- She sleeps in a big girls bed. No more toddler bed.
- Some of her favorite sayings are, "Dang it!", "Don't talk to me!", and "You're killing me!"
- She likes to walk around the backyard holding Maison's hand.

- She rides a big girl's bike.
- Her favorite music is a toss-up between Elmo and house/dance ("fun") music.
- She loves peanut butter n jelly and ham n cheese sandwiches.
- She has started to drink milk again.
- She can take off her own jammies.
- She is the queen of goofy faces.

- She does not like her hair washed because water gets in her ears and eyes.
- She can use safety scissors.
- She can play computer games all by herself.
- She took it upon herself to develop a Maison-proofing system for my bathroom vanity using her stretchy headbands. (Thank you Darling)
- She loves Spongebob and Animal Planet- especially shows that are too graphic for my liking.
- She loves her grandma's dog, but our poor Sophie bugs the heck out of her.
- She calls most of the dinners I serve "disgusting".
- Once she swished all of her (kid's less sugar) yogurt around in her mouth and then spit it back into her bowl to make it taste better.
- She's a bag full of sugar, and a really big bowl full of spice.


Britt said...

She is the cutest girl ever... and I'm pretty sure she knows it too :p

Angela said...

Jessica that last picture is AMAZING!! M is so beautiful. When did her hair get so long?
Wow..3 1/2 already??? Love all the silly faces and can't believe she is already in a big girl bed.
Can't wait to see you guys in a few days.

Kristy said...

Your blog seriously has me laughing every time I visit!! Gorgeous photos of your little sugar & spice!! She is BEEautiful!!! That last photo made me jealous :-), it is perfect & I want it or at least I want to capture 1 like that:)