Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sandy Eggos

We were able to escape to San Diego again this year. Oh how I love that place. We mostly did the usual stuff, but this time we did a day at Sea World and spent a little bit of time down where the rides and games are on the boardwalk.

To my dismay, two days before we left our Denali had to go into the shop, so the kids and I crowded into my mom's and my grandparent's vehicles, and Thor drove down a couple of days later since he had to work anyways.

Maison was a brave boy and touched the sand and the water. Madeline was brave too, until a wave knocked me over while I was holding her, then she was only brave with her dad.

Here are a few pics of our trip, the rest are in my Flikr

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Kristy said...

Fun!! I love the pix. That last one of her standing in front of the ocean is PRICELESS, lovin that pose!!!