Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Playing in the dirt

So, I'm sure this is a "you had to be there" story, but here it is all the same.

On one of our days in Utah, we decided to go out as a group on a ride up a mountain trail while we had a couple of machines rented. Thor stayed at the campsite with Maison and the rest of us went out- Dad in the ranger with Madeline and my nephews, Mom on the 4-wheeler, and me on the dirt bike. We were going up the hill and back. Well, a wrong turn, and another wrong turn, turned our little ride on the easy trail into a 2 hour trek on not so easy trails.

We had no map, no water, no cell phones. After awhile, I knew we were in trouble when my dad took us out onto a main, main road, which we weren’t allowed to be on. And we knew dad was really lost when he pulled into a Fire Station to ask directions. Too bad the station was closed. At one stop my mom told me we were on the other side of the mountain kinda by this town that I knew was far, far away. I started to get a little bit panicky because I knew Thor was back at the campsite with Maison wondering where his whole family had gone. So, we headed back out onto this road, which just so happened to be on the route of a bicycle race. As the bicyclists were huffing and puffing up this gigantic hill, here we all come buzzing along side them in our off-road vehicles. By this time, I had taken over the Ranger with the kids and Dad had jumped on the bike, and as we were slowly buzzing by these hard working bike riders in their spandex, the kids were laughing and waving at them. And some of them actually took their energy to wave back. Oh. My. God. Our ridiculousness was cracking me up. I could not stop laughing and my mom was doing the same behind me on the 4-wheeler. The kids, of course, thought the situation was totally normal.

We ended up cruising through this beautiful area with beautiful houses where we saw deer in someone's front yard. We eventually got back on an offroad trail and dad found someone with a map and figured out how to get back. By the time we got back, I was holding poor Madeline's head up in this huge football-like helmet with my one arm while I drove with the other. She somehow managed to fall asleep sitting up in an offroad vehicle while driving through the forest.

In the end we decided we had a blast. And that if we wouldn't have gotten lost we would have spent most the day trying to decide who was going to go where with who and on what.

Ahhh, memories.

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