Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Trip highlights with a zillion pictures

This was Thor’s first time towing a trailer and thankfully it went really well. Especially for how far we towed it. Once, on the way home, a gust of wind caught it unexpectedly, but that was the only scary thing that happened.

The first night that we stayed in the camper, the kids went a little cooky when the beds were pulled out. I tried to get a picture of them in their undies sitting nicely on the bed together, but by the time I got my camera they had turned into monkeys.

Our first night in Colorado we parked the trailer at Thor’s parents’ restaurant. We were a day early and the campground didn’t have any openings. We ate a lot of our meals at the restaurant over the next week and we discovered that Maison LOVES green chili (but try to give that kid a bite of chocolate cake and he just shakes his head, “no.”)

When we made it to the campground where we had reservations for the next 6 nights, up in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, it was not at all what we expected. All dirt, no trees, no fire pit, and our spot was right on the highway next to the large sign that lit up our trailer at night. Whoa, was Thor mad.

But we made the best of it for a night and found a better, prettier place for the rest of the nights where we felt like we were actually in a campground and not at a truck stop .

We had a really great time visiting and eating and shopping with Thor’s family. We got to see a semi-truck dumping asphalt tip over on its side in the restaurant parking lot, which was exciting. The kids got big kid bikes and I think Madeline’s vocabulary (and attitude) expanded just by her thinking she was a big girl with her big bike. And Maison put a lot of miles on his pink doll stroller.

We even took a trip into Denver to the zoo, which if anyone’s wondering, is a great zoo. Nearly as nice as the San Diego Zoo, but smaller and doable in a few hours, all for the price our tiny zoo in Las Vegas. Elephants, giraffes, lions, and a pig faced turtle. Everything we look for in a zoo. Madeline hurt her foot just before we went, and since she refused to walk we rented her a stroller. Which Maison decided to push. And Thor or I ended up pushing Maison’s empty stroller.

We left Colorado as early as we could on Thursday and drove 10 hours straight through to Duck Creek for a few fun days of playing in the dirt.

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