Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I'm a mess. I have only one leg shaved, and mascara under my eyes. I can't find the cookbook that has the recipe for tonight's dinner. I can't find the socks that I pulled for Maison to wear today. I have a load of dishes running and another waiting in the sink. I have laundry up the yin yang. And I just finally feel recouperated from my mom's and my yard sale last weekend. It wore me out.

Our yard sale went well, but I still have some stuff I need to try to sell on Craigslist or Ebay.

Both kids have gone up a shoe size recently. And I just noticed that Maison's socks are too small, but his pants are all still too big. He must have short legs or something.

Madeline has started earning a quarter everytime she helps me clean up the toy room. She values quarters more than dollars because she can put them in the vending machine at the grocery store and get a little doggie, or the machine at where we like to eat breakfast and get a "squishy thing".

Thor is on a workout rampage again (his current motivation is a trip he's hoping to take to Florida for a music festival). And we're all trying to eat better. Thor does lots better than I do, but I have been planning healthier dinners lately. I even found a no-meat bean & avocado wrap recipe that Madeline will eat. Not that she'd eat it if it had meat. She really only likes PB&J.

Madeline seems to have stopped eating chicken ever since she saw me picking the meat off of one of those roasted chickens from the store. She said "WHAT'S THAT??" and then "EWWWW, I DON'T LIKE CHICKEN!!".

Thor pushing the kids on the swings-

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