Thursday, October 22, 2009

Family Pictures!

Yay for family picture time! I get so excited to have our pictures done. Then I stress out to no end getting ready for them. This year I scheduled earlier than usual and I decided I’d get ready early so it would be No Stress. Ha! Whatever. I’m a horrible clothing coordinator. Although I think I now know the KEY to making my life easier this time next year. Pick out Maison’s outfit first. Then coordinate the rest of us with him. Little boys just have so little to choose from. And even less fun outfits to choose from. So there’s my tip to myself for next year.

At least our session was short, sweet, and fun. Thanks to the Wonderful Lesley. I think the kids would have jumped in her car and went home with her if she’d have asked them too. We decided to take the pictures in front of a neat looking library, so there wasn’t much walking and there was lots of shade, which was nice since it was still so stinkin’ hot outside.

You can see most of my favorites here at Lesley’s website, but these two are my favorite faves. I love them and they are hanging in my dining room right now looking beautiful!