Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wednesday Wanderings

Quick rundown:

Thursday: Dance class, Madeline participated very well and got two stickers, still need to get her new tap shoes since hers got lost/accidentally stolen.

Friday: Chuck E Cheese with Ang and Marlee- good cheap fun, Comedy show with friends, LMAO, too much to drink, hamburgers at 11:30 at night, Mom watched the kids.

Saturday: Hair appointment, lunch by myself- soup, bread, chips and water, Chapalas, no margaritas. One of my biggest parenting questions so far: when a hummingbird falls out of a bush onto the ground and is alive, but not flying, do I show Madeline because it's neat and she'd love it, or do I not because I know something's wrong with it and it's going to die or be eaten by our cat and there's going to be a fit when Thor has to sneak and take it "home" (in this case put it on top of our wall in the shade- so maybe it'd fly away). I showed her and we even let her touch it- yuck.

Sunday: donuts, went to eat pizza and felt like we were running a race just to get us all fed before one of the kids blew up or Maison managed to chuck something breakable or full of liquid onto the floor, mall to shop for shirts for Thor, we didn't realize it closed at 6, I didn't think anything on Vegas closed at 6, ice cream for Madeline, Starbucks for me.

Monday: Thor off, kids to gmas, breakfast, DSW & grocery shopping, Madeline and her $2 clearance halloween dress up shoes that she wore for 3 days straight.

Tuesday: First tumbling class at the rec center, saw cat hospital desk girl there, Madeline wore Maison's diaper on the ride home because we forgot to stop at the bathroom on our way out. Maison up EARLY, Madeline's absolutely terrified, horror movie scream when Maison went to touch a dead bug, Thor's scream when he was wacked in the ankle bone with the play broom.

Today: Saw butt crack on the back of a motorcycle on the freeway. So not cute. Kinda a rough day due to lack of sleep. Nice evening in the backyard, bubble mower and Madeline the bubble blower.

Dinner tonight: New crockpot recipe. Beef and black bean chili, but the beans didn't cook all the way and were still a little crunchy. It was kinda gross. Thor ate, I didn't. Kids ate chicken and broccoli quesadillas. Madeline said it was her favorite, but really PBJ is.

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