Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday Wanderings

Within a week, Maison pooped in the tub, pulled his poopy diaper off and sat in the hallway, and took his diaper off in his crib and peed a big ol' stream all over the carpet. I've learned to keep his pants on.

Thor has started putting the kids to bed a few nights a week. He's meeting a little bit of resistance from Madeline, but she'll get used to it. I've done it all these years. It's definitely for the better, though. For him, the kids, and for me too.

A couple nights this week, Madeline has gotten up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. She still wears diapers to bed and hasn't shown any interest in nighttime potty training, until now. She's even still insisting on wearing the diaper. When we heard her up, we were so confused and startled (since she doesn't get out of bed on her own even in the daytime all that much) that I called out her name in the dark and scared her to tears. I hope I didn't scare her out of potty mode.

Maison has decided that he wants to swing on the big kid swings like his sister. He can even swing himself by leaning back a little bit. But as he goes into his swing coma, he tries to lean his head on the chain and gets thrown off balance.

Saturday I took the afternoon off for some lunch and shopping with my mom, gma and aunt. It was great to be away from the kids for a little while. When I got home we decided to go out to dinner because I had a coupon. We spent the money we saved with the coupon on margaritas, so we actually would have been better off without the coupon. But they were good!

Sunday we ran some errands in the morning (Target, then Best Buy) then had lunch out at The District.

Last night, Madeline and I watched a show on Animal Planet called Jessica the Hippo.

Today we had a pool party. Just me and the kids and our very small pool. I filled it with half hose water and half hot water from the kitchen faucet, so it was warm enough for me and Maison. Maison had a blast driving his cars around in the water making his little vroooommm sound and Madeline swum around, jumping out to chase butterflies whenever they flew by. When I was in, I took up most of the pool (kinda like Jessica the Hippo would, ha!), so I mostly sat with just my feet in.

Dinner tonight: We got home late, so leftover BBQ'd hamburgers for Thor and I, frozen veggie corndogs and bananas for the kids.

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Millisa said...

that pool looks like fun! nolan did a few of those "poopy" things too. i remember when he pooped in the bath all i could hear was my husband calling for me in the most panicked voice...i went running, only to find him holding nolan above the water, dripping wet and little poops floating all around. my husband, the cop, looked terrified! i, of course, laughed. then i fixed the water and the bath was able to resume :) kids will be kids...