Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday Wanderings

Let's see if I can get back on track here with my Wednesday posts.

Maison is sick with a big bad fever again. I think it's an ear infection, but who knows. Maybe it's the oh-so-scary Swine Flu. All the symptoms are the same. We'll see at the doc tomorrow.

Some people live so grossly. We had renters leave us a 3 inch blanket of dog poop covering an entire backyard patio. Roguish. Thank goodness my wonderful husband has the removal and cleaning all arranged and I will never have to see, or smell, it. He told me that before he actually saw what it was, he could smell it and was expecting to see a dead, rotting dog. Love you Honey.

We have lots of bugs in our backyard. We don't like most of them- bees, beetles, gnats, moths, some weird slow flying fly-like things, nasty cochroaches- but we also have lots of butterflies and ladybugs (and really cool lizards). Madeline is obsessed with the ladybugs and spends lots of time searching for them and playing with them. When she's tired or otherwise unstable, and can't find any, she throws a big fit and demands that we find one for her RIGHT NOW. To which we respond for her to get her booty in the house RIGHT NOW.

At least once a day Madeline panics and screams from the backyard because she has seen a "big beezle with a sharp sharp nose!" I don't know what she's talking about. Possibly a wasp. Maybe a flying beetle? I just like it when she says beezle.

Sophie is a lemon. It's not confirmed, but I'm pretty sure she has an eye condition called Cherry Eye that will require surgery to fix. She needs to go get a job.

Me and the kids met a friend and her kids at Town Square to play in the water sprayers and have lunch. My kids didn't want anything to do with the water, but they had a good time anyways. Lunch was good at the Yard House and it was a comfortable place to eat for the kids and for us.

Thor left me for 3 days to go do some work at his parents' restaurant in Colorado. So, I watched a movie. I'm way behind in my movie watching. It was Juno and I LOVED it. Such a cute movie.

Dinner tonight was supposed to be crockpot roast cooked in mushroom soup gravy stuff, roasted red potatoes and roasted carrots and onions. But Thor wanted to eat early and my roast wasn't quite done so he had left over lasagne and salad, I had a burrito and salad, Madeline had PBJ and pear, and Maison had a hotdog and pear.


Angela said...

Awww...poor Maison. Hope he is feeling better.
Mollie had cherry eye when she was a puppy, and yes she needed surgery. Sorry.
Yuck about the rental house. Like I said in a previous comment...some people are just trash.\Madeline is so cute. Don't you jusy love random toddler talk?
Glad to see your back on track.

Kristy said...

She would have a blast with my kids, they too are ladybug hunters :) They love to collect them in a bucket, then they are mad at me when I make them let them go.
I love the pix,
Sorry your puppy is a lemon, at least she is a cute lemon :)

Millisa said...

poor little dude :( hope he is feeling much better soon! i lol'd when i saw the "beezle" word. man, i just love the words little kids come up with. for real. very cute pics you have with this post :)