Monday, May 4, 2009

Finally, the beach post

I get a little behind. And really, there's not a lot to say. We go to the same place and don't do anything while we're there. It's wonderful. Even the pictures look the same, except the kids keep getting bigger. This time my dad dissed us for his dirt bike, so my grandma came along to help wrangle the kids (thank goodness). Thor drove down with us to Disneyland, then on to the beach, but had to fly back a few days early for work. So for a few days it was just us girls and the crazy kids.

For the most part we woke up, got ready, went to the beach, came back, ate lunch, naps for little ones, got ready again, back to the beach, came back, ate dinner, back to the beach to watch the sunset, came back, got ready for bed, slept (except me. I don't get to sleep. I have babies.).

Maison was much happier on solid ground than on the sand. We could barely get him off the beach towels.

Madeline has a strange liking for the taste of sand, so we had to keep harping on her to STOP EATING IT. We'd look over and she'd be licking her hand. And I think she licked the sand off my mom's pants one time. It was weird.

The kids all just played and played and played. Madeline's finally old enough where she can go near the water (not in the water) without an adult shadow. I'm glad she's not very adventurous and would barely get her feet wet.

I'm ready to go back again. Beach bum wouldn't be a bad profession.

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Angela said...

Hey that beach looks familiar...we, too had so so much fun!
Love all the pictures.
And yes, you so should get to sleep...=)