Monday, July 21, 2008

The Real Yesterday's Post

First off, Trader Joe's chocolate covered pretzels are the B.O.M.B. They're like triple dipped or something. I just wish I hadn't noticed that the bag had eight servings because I was pretending it was only one serving. Oh well, what's done is done.

Maison turned 7 months old on Saturday. He's growing like crazy, of course. He's trying really, really hard to crawl and gets very frustrated that he can't get to where he wants to go. So far he can only scootch backwards and keeps backing himself up under chairs. I think he's training for the Strongman Competition by doing some serious pushups. Hopefully his daddy passed on the I Love to Workout gene to compensate for my I Love to Eat Chocolate gene.

As you can see, he still hates bathing.
Just kidding, he's actually starting to have a good time in the water. He's had two pleasant baths and has gone in the pool a couple of times without any crying.

I still can't figure out how he can pee on his jammies without getting his diaper wet. He's nearly sitting by himself.

I'm still nursing and can't decide when to stop. I think I need to stop to be able to get a handle on this vertigo crap since I can't take any real medication for it while I'm nursing, but I don't want to stop because it burns so many calories (damn chocolate pretzels). Oh yeah, and it's good for my baby too.

It feels like Madeline has changed more in the last 4 months than at any other time in her life. She has gone from baby to little girl in a blink of my eye. It's awesome and heartrenching at the same time. Last night was the first night she didn't want to sit and relax with me before bed. I can hold an all out conversation with her and I love it when she recounts her day. Lately she's been saying "two grandmas and two grandpas" over and over again, referring to my parents and my grandparents (her greats). She's figuring out that different people are called the same thing sometimes. We play lots of talking games. One we like is when we're driving away from the house we say bye to everything we can think of that's in the house- cereal, spoons, couches, tv's, remotes, socks, shoes, and on and on. She loves it and comes up with lots of stuff on her own.

She has entered a new stage of goofy and sassy. Playing games and jokes and pushing all of my buttons to see what she can get away with. She's lucky she's so cute. Notice the tongue- it's her new picture taking face. I either get the tongue, or a big smile with her eyes closed.

I love you both, my beautiful babies!


Kristy said...

Sweet post! Where did you get that bath tub for Maison? It looks perfect! I was having the same problem w/ Braiden & the wet clothes, dry diaper, Kristie, who has all girls:), taught me you have to make sure "it" is pointing down, TMI I know, but it sucks when they soak their clothes so I wanted to try to help. If you already do this I don't know what else it could be! I can't believe how fast they grow, your pictures are precious! I need to learn more about taking pictures, I point & shoot, so mine never look like yours:)

Kristy said...

Whew, that was long!

lesleysmeshly said...

I was just going to offer up what Kristy said...peepee has to be pointed down. Great photos!! And I LOVE LOVE the Misfits onesie...holy moly would Jeff ever have loved that!

Millisa said...

i second (or third) that advice... all i know is boys, so yeah...pee pee has to point down :) i love this post is so very special and sweet...i LOVE the pic of the sweet girl in her pink dress...her eyes look so big and her little poking out tongue makes it just adorable!! and the one of little man doing the push ups is too cute!! strong baby! oh, and those chocolate pretzels sound delish :)