Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July Pictures

We had a fun 4th. Lots of swimming. Madeline loves the pool. I bought her a life vest thingy, but it was a little big and it didn't keep her head above the water very well. She didn't like wearing it.

Dad threw Max in the pool with his clothes on, but his popsicle was spared, so he didn't get upset about it.

Aunt Kimmy gave boogie board rides and made huge waves.

Grandpa was spraying Max with a noodle, looking like an elephant.

Grandma hung around the steps and helped Madeline learn to kick.

Madeline did all kinds of tricks and swam (well, was in the pool) without a swim diaper. I found out that a wet swimming suit is VERY hard to pull off quickly in a bathroom emergency.

Everyone swam (except mom).

Madeline had her first taste of whipped cream from the can.

Maison hung out in the house with my mom. He had his shots on Thursday and was not feeling well. The flag cake was yummy.

And that was that, I think...

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Angela said...

Yes, I can only imagine what a PITA it was to get Madeline's wet swim suit off!
Glad you had such a great 4th.
Madleine is such a beauty!
Can't wait to see you all Saturday.