Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I've read in lots of books that a good way to deal with young children is to give them two choices, that way they feel like they're in control, but really you are. I've done it here and there since Madeline was a baby, but it was more to be nice and not to control her.

But now she's lots more interested in being in control so I offer her choices more often:

Hey sweetie, what do you want to drink with dinner. Milk or juice? Her answer: Water

What shoes do you want to wear- the white ones or the pink ones? Her answer: Orange (which don't exist)

Honey, what movie do you want to watch- Penguins or Cars? Her answer: Jack (aka Nightmare Before Xmas which she's not allowed to watch)

Do you want a straw? What color? Her answer: Two straws

Girl, you have to put some undies on. Do you want Elmo or Zoe? Her answer: No undies on

Do other toddlers really fall for this trick?


Kristy said...

I think it is a girl thing:) That is too funny:) I have read the same things, but like you there are days when I want to throw the choices out the window & do whatever I want!! You are soooo patient with your kids, how do you always remain so cool & calm?
It is good that she is so independent. Alexee is 5 & still wants me to bath, dress, wipe & everything else for her. Braiden is Mr. Independent, the other day he went & got dressed in pants & a sweater, I tried to explain to him how hot he would be. Nope, he told me he would be "warm & cozy" I couldn't take his independence away, but I bet the people at the sotre thought I was crazy. It's like 110 degrees:) He is in a sweater & jeans:)

Millisa said...

girl, you make me laugh so hard...i love how you write... and no, none of my toddlers ever fell for the choices...especially levi.. gage actually is good at choosing one when given choices, but levi is always the one to go against the grain...she is so darn cute how can you stand it?! :) and kristy, lol...sweater and jeans...too funny...