Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Play Room slash Dining Room slash Toilet

Sacrifice one to save the many, right?

Some days end with it looking like this. And on most of those days, once the kids are in bed, I walk into this room, turn off the lights and the TV, and walk back out.

I should probably be embarrassed...


lesleysmeshly said...

Trust me, I've seem much worse (in my own living room!) Two potties, plus bins of toys, plus two crazies, plus tiny house = major mess.

Courtney said...

So I finally took a look at your blog. Super cute love the stories. Your babies are beautiful!! I hate to tell you but the messiness doesn't get much better. Raven just turned 8 , Odin's 6 and my house is a disaster most of the time. Just because they are able to clean up after themselves doesn't mean they will! I will check back soon for your great pics !! Courtney

Millisa said...

hey! where is your sectional? i love this post...especially the part about turning the light off and walking comforts me to know i am not alone ;)

Angela said... it! It's never ending isn't it? I feel like I am constantly cleaning/picking up only for my house to never look clean or picked up!
Keep on turning out those lights and walking back out!!