Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I finally got brave enough to try the peanut test on Maison. The peanut test sounds irresponsible, but I'll justify it by the fact that I did tell the doctor (twice) that I was going to do it, and he didn't call social services on me or anything. Just told me to have Claritin on hand. So, I decided to give Maison some peanut butter to see if he's still allergic. He has never had a breathing reaction to it, more of a hive reaction, which is maybe why the doctor didn't seem too worried?

Anyways, I thought I'd make it fun and make PB-chocolate chip cookies with the kids. As soon as the peanut butter went into the dough Maison refused to touch it. Of course he LOVES cookie dough. Would. Not. Touch. It. Tried to get him to eat a cookie. Nope. He started crying when I gave him a chocolate chip with a little cookie on it, so I gave up.

Really, I didn't think I had brainwashed him so well. I would only remind him when I'd put a plate of PBJ sandwiches out when other kids were over. I'll have to think of a new plan now. A sneakier plan. Hmmmm...

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