Sunday, January 23, 2011

3. Shades of Grey

My photo only fits this weeks theme because I changed it to black and white. The sky was actually bright blue and the dirt was, of course, brown. It's been so nice outside that we met my parents for a walk along the railroad trail out along Lake Mead. Then met Susie and Rob for Mexican breakfast on Boulder Highway.

This week Maison had his first dentist appointment. He wouldn't let them look in his mouth. His "cleaning" consisted of him brushing his own teeth with the hygenist's polish stuff. The doctor did get him to open up for a few seconds so she could peek in quickly and say it all looks good.

Madeline is a great dental patient. They said her four top front teeth will all fall out at the same time. They're already loose. For now, I'm not allowing her to eat whole apples. With all these loose teeth I was getting paranoid that all her teeth were going to fall out and no new ones would ever grow back in! I'm a worry wart (eww what an ugly word)...

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