Sunday, January 3, 2010

He'll never be one again

See, even he's upset about it. He wants to stay a baby forever.

Or, maybe not. The real story to that picture is that he kept blowing out the candles as soon as they were lit so we moved the cake away from him until his birthday song was over. Which made him mad. And then he refused to blow out the candles at all. And refused to look at anyone in the room. So Madeline ended up blowing out his candles on his second birthday.

Luckily, for our memory book's sake, Ian relit the candles and convinced him to blow them out after most everybody was gone from the room. His candle blowing puff of breath is lightning fast.

The big hit of the day was the little quad he got from his Grandma and Grandpa. He learned to drive it like a pro in just a few tries and uses it to zoom around the house.

I hope you had a happy birthday little man. Two is going to be a big year. We still haven't heard many words from you (but I do think I've heard you say Spongebob (go figure) and Ian), but you communicate in other ways like a champ. You are very bossy even without words and as long as you don't talk you can still be my little baby boy, which is just fine with me. You love everything that has moving parts and can entertain yourself for hours. Most often you are lining up or pushing your cars and trains, watching their wheels spin, or pushing bigger toys around the house and yard. You like to jump on the trampoline and slide down the slide. You still follow me around like my little ducky rarely letting me close a door with you on the other side. One of your newer things is wanting to be held and carried around for a long time by whoever you have your heart set on at the moment and not letting them put you down without a fight. You copy everything your sister does, which drives her crazy of course. You want to be a big kid and do big kid stuff like use scissors and play video games, and someday you'll be able too. Maybe when you're three like your sister is now.

Your goofy smile and funny games light up our hearts, little guy. We love you to pieces.

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Lesley Barr Photography said...

Happy Birthday Handsome Mason!!! He is a cutie for sure!!