Sunday, January 17, 2010

Getting along

The kids have been getting along unbelievably well lately. So much so that Madeline has been throwing fits whenever I have to put Maison down for his nap or to sleep at night because she wants to play with him more (unless she's waiting for a naptime popsicle, of course). I love it. Maison is getting old enough to sort of participate in Madeline's games. And Madeline is getting old enough to just pretend he understands even if he doesn't. And they communicate pretty well. Madeline understands Maison's gestures & noises even better than I do sometimes.

Madeline does get frustrated when he decides he doesn't want to play anymore and ignores everything she says, but before she throws a fit she tries being really, really sweet to him to get him back into the game. In her sweetness, she calls him Buddy and Little Buddy. And she sounds like she's calling a puppy. It's so cute.

I hope his "Buddy" nickname doesn't follow him into his school years. I don't think he'll want his friends calling him that.

They were playing together on the Sit-N-Spin here. The picture's freaky, but in person they were spinning and laughing.


Angela said...

One word...envious.=) Just makes me want another even more.

millisa said...

isn't it just fabulous when it comes to that point? :)