Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I'm so far behind on this ol' bloggity blog I don't even know where to begin. How about a quick summer recap: We did lots. Alrighty, moving on.

So, we moved. Into a tiny house. In a not-anywhere-as-nice-as-our-old-neighborhood neighborhood. The kids love it here. They were not affected one bit. They like their bedrooms and the all dirt backyard.

It's a nice little house. Very (VERY) cozy. We have only one TV to share instead of three. We have only one living room instead of two. We spend A LOT more time very close to each other. Thor spends A LOT more time watching Tinkerbell and Avatar (I know...bad parents, it is rated PG13!). My "office" is the kitchen table.

I miss our old neighborhood. I miss being able to leave my trunk open while I bring the groceries in and not have to worry someone will steal my stuff (I may be slightly paranoid... but, only slightly as I have already had my Ipod stolen).

The dusting and general messiness is horrendous. But this is TEMPORARY. We aren't sure how temporary, but we're shooting for May. We hope. But if it doesn't happen, we are perfectly fine right here. Seriously, people live in worse. I have to get over this spoiledness. Ughhh.

Enough spoiled-brattiness. Here's a picture of Madeline helping potty-train Maison:

At least I have cute kids to make my day better. :)

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