Tuesday, April 13, 2010

By Tuesday of this week

- We harvested our first strawberries. There were 4.

- Maison learned how to get the 4-wheeler to go in turbo mode.

- There were 2 ducks swimming in the pool at the new house. I'm sure they thought it was a pond by the way it looked and smelled.

- Using my mad couponing skills I got 7 boxes of cereal for FREE. I love free.

- Thor's TV stopped working. Thank goodness we bought the warranty (and have more than one tv).

- Madeline surprised me by knowing the name of our street.

- We had an awful parenting moment where Maison fell flat on his face getting out of the car. His finger saved his teeth from being knocked out. The doctor said his fingerprint will grow back.


Britt said...

Wow! Seven boxes of cereal? That's amazing!

Poor Maison :(

millisa said...

were the strawberries sweet? i can not find a decent bin of strawberries anywhere! way to be awesome on the cereal :) i love those little victories! did you move???