Monday, March 31, 2008

A typical conversation with Madeline

Madeline, my little baby girl, is getting so big and starting to talk so well, and so much. Words are coming out more clearly everyday and she must learn at least 5 new ones a day. Her favorites right now are MAHHHMEEEEE (mommy), Mow (more), No, Cooo-kie and Bubbles. She must say each of those 400 times a day. Her vocabulary is quite large, definitely not limited to only those words, and she talks constantly, she just repeats those words over and over and over and over...

Ok, so here goes a typical conversation with Madeline, who turned 2 last month:

Out-ide? Out-ide? Okay honey, but you have to put your shoes on first. Out-ide? Yes, you can go outside, but you have to put your shoes on first. Out-ide? Sit down and I'll help you put your shoes on. No. Out-ide? Out-ide? Are you going to put your shoes on? No. Ok, then you can't go outside. Shoes? Yes, lets put your shoes on. Ohh-kay. (shoes are finally on) Walk? Walk? Mommy? No, sorry baby, but I can't go outside right now. Mommy? Mommy? Bubbles? No, I'm not going outside, I have to do dishes. BUBBLES!!! BUBBLES!!!! AWAAAHHHHH...! Cooo-kie? Cooo-kie? Snack? No you can't have a cookie, you didn't even eat your breakfast. Cooo-kie? Aren't you going to go outside? No. Cooo-kie? Cooo-kie? Cooo-kie? Cooo-kie? No cookie. Snack? No snack bar. Reeree? Yes, you can have some raisins, get a bowl. Ohh-kay. Shoes? Off? Fine, let's take your shoes off. No.

This pretty much goes on all day long. In the last 2 weeks I have found both a grey eyebrow hair and a grey eyelash...

She is starting the two word sentences. Today she said "hi daddy", and it sounded so grown up!

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